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Education is a physical need
and mental right!

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Harvest Distillation Classes

Sponsored by:
The Aromatic Plant Project©

personally taught by the world renowned aroma/herbalist Jeanne Rose

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The distillation class harvesting Lavender
in Santa Barbara, CA

Distillation of Aromatic Plants/Demonstration

(see the Calendar page for correct date)

Saturday only -  San Francisco, CA

          Water Distillation (Hydro-Distillation)
          Steam Distillation
          Water & Steam Distillation

Dates and plants will be confirmed at least 15 days in advance

Call for more information 415-564-6785

. . . .

"Distillation is the act of the
invisible being made visible"

 . . . Jeanne Rose 2001

handmade copper alambic still, distillation classes  
Marge Colón covered with the
blue Artemisia arborescens

distilling, blue, hydrosol

Please visit the CopperStills.com web site
for information on ordering Handmade Copper Stills!


herbs, herbal classes, melissa officinalis rose gallica, lime geranium, herbs, plants lemon verbena, herbal plants, aromatic gardening

*the workshops will occur in the fields where these organically grown plants are harvested,
 and are taught by Jeanne Rose and also farmers/distillers.

All DISTILLATION classes start with a harvest, proceed
through setting up of the still, distillation and clean-up. Each
participant receives a portion of the distillate.

"When Nature wills, we distill"

All dates are approximate and depend on weather and growing conditions.
Dates will be confirmed at least 30 days in advance.

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The Aromatic Plant Project is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational organization.

Please return to this page for the most current scheduling information.

Call each sponsor for detailed information and changes.

All dates are approximate and depend on weather and growing conditions.
Dates will be confirmed at least 30 days in advance.

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