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The Aromatherapy &
Herbal Studies Courses

by Home-Study with personal contact with Jeanne Rose


Directory of Herbal Education for the American Herbalist Guild
Name of School: Institute of Aromatic & Herbal Studies
Director: Jeanne Rose
Mailing Address:  219 Carl Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone: (415) 530-8689
e-mail: i

1. Philosophy:
The philosophy of the Institute of Aromatic & Herbal Studies is to provide the highest quality education and hands-on exposure to "all things herbal and aromatic."  We take a holistic approach to herbal medicine, studying the plants themselves, growing conditions, harvesting, preparation of herbal medicines and distillation for essential oils and hydrosols and the healthful uses of these herbs and aromatics. The knowledge of herbal medicine allows us to be proactive in our own health-care.  Once we have the ability to heal ourselves, we can help others. The Institute of Aromatic and Herbal Studies emphasizes the use of local, native plants for the home preparation of teas, tinctures, capsules, which allows students control of their own health care. 

2. Curriculum:
All courses are by correspondence and in person seminars and Intensives.  In addition, Jeanne Rose is regularly available for office hours by phone, for questions and advice.

A.  Herbal Studies Course.  This course is designed to provide a solid background in herbal medicine, including botany, human anatomy and physiology, gardening, plant identification, herbal body care, nutrition and herbal medicine, and basic Chinese herbal medicine.  Students also learn to prepare herbal products, soaps, herbal remedies, tinctures, ointments and salves.

This is a 36 lesson course covering the three broad areas of:  A Seasonal Herbal, A Medicinal Herbal for Medicine/Therapeutics and a Reference Herbal for Herbal Practice and background.  Each broad section consists of 12 lessons, each lesson includes a study guide and experiments, which is completed by the student and returned to the Institute for review.   Students are required to keep an Herbal Experiment Diary and a Plant Herbarium (photographic or pressed) which are periodically reviewed.  A final term paper is required along with an open book test. Students have two years in which to complete the course requirements. 

Course materials include the 3-volume course along with three full-sized textbooks and booklets by different authors.

The course is equivalent to 20 college credits or 350 home credit hours (750 study hours). It is offered by the University of Natural Medicine .

B.  Aromatherapy Studies Course.   In this course you will study over 300 essential oils, and be able to use at least 75 with ease.  Uses of essential oils by application, inhalation and ingestion are all covered, as is distillation for the production of essential oils and hydrosols.

This is a hands-on course and students are required to experiment with essential oils and hydrosols for the production of herbal/aromatic medicinals and therapeutics.  The course consists of 15 lessons, each including reading assignments, study guide, sensory experiments and essential oil profiles.  Each study guide is to be returned to the Institute for review.  Additionally, students must complete 35 essential oil and odor profiles, an Aromatherapy Experiment Diary and an Aromatherapy Herbarium, which are submitted periodically for review. 

Course materials include The Aromatherapy Book: Application & Inhalations, 375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols, Herbs & Aromatherapy for the Reproductive System and the 400 page course.

The course is equivalent to 12 college credits or 150 home credit hours (300 study hours). It is offered by the University of Natural Medicine for 12 college credits.

3. Facilities:
On site Seminars are in airy, comfortable meeting rooms or hotel facilities with easily available restaurants. Seminars include copious amounts of samples, example materials, handouts (not available elsewhere) and herbs and essential oils.

4. Degrees/Certification:
Herbal Studies students receive a Certificate of Completion.  This course is approved and offered by the University of Natural Medicine for college credit.

Aromatherapy Studies students receive a Certificate of Completion/Aromatherapy Specialty for 250 hours of Advance Aromatherapy knowledge(500 study hours).  Students attending Aromatherapy Intensives are eligible for Aromatherapy Certification.  Graduates are also eligible for Practitioner Liability insurance upon graduation.  This course is endorsed by ABMP/Association of Body Work & Massage Professionals and approved by the University of Natural Medicine for 12 college credits.  It is also approved for RN's for 160 contact hours and the Seminars for 12 CE in Texas .

Certified Aromatherapist & Master Herbalist.  This is provided to individuals who have completed both the Herbal Studies Course, The Aromatherapy Studies Course, including two Seminar/Intensives by Jeanne Rose, and Intensives by two other teachers.  This allows students to have a Professional Herbal/Aromatic practice.

5. Faculty: 
Both courses were designed and created by Jeanne Rose and all work is personally reviewed by her.  Jeanne Rose is a well-known teacher/author and pioneer in Herbs and Aromatherapy.  She has written extensively on both subjects since 1969, and is the author of 18 books on herbs and aromatherapy, including the 3-volume Herbal Studies Course and the Aromatherapy Studies Course.   Ms. Rose graduated with a science degree in Zoology and pursued graduate studies in Marine Ecology and the natural uses of plants and their essential oils.   She also attended and completed advance courses in organic chemistry and ethnobotany.

Jeanne Rose has been authorized by the California Community College System and has a Limited Service Credential in Botanical Science; Consumer & Family Education; Marine Science and Zoological Science: Credential No. 122319 valid for life.

Jeanne Rose is the past President of the National Herbalist Association, President Emeritus of the National Association for Health & Aromatherapy and is the current Executive Director of The Aromatic Plant Project which encourages the production and growth of aromatic plants for hydrosols and essential oils.

Other teachers include Shirley Price in Aromatherapy Chemistry and through the required textbooks, three other well-known herbal teachers.  Students are requested to take two seminars by any two herbal teachers of their choice to complete the requirements in the Herbal Studies program and two seminars by Jeanne Rose to complete the requirements in the Aromatherapy Studies Certification program.

6. Admissions:
Completion of application, payment of course fees. This is a difficult but thoroughly interesting course, unique in itís scope and all motivated, sincere students are encouraged to apply.

7. Financial Information: 
The Herbal Studies Course includes the course and three full-sized texts and coupons for discounts on Seminars.  It is $1,275, including shipping.

The Aromatherapy Studies Course included the course and two texts, scent blotters and personal instruction.  It is $775, including shipping. 

Students wishing to take both the Aromatherapy and the Herbal Studies Course can do so for a total of $1,795 including shipping.

Refund Policy: You have 10 days after receipt of course to request a refund and there will be a non-refundable $350 bookkeeping fee. 

8. Strengths: 
The strength of the Institute is in its individualized instruction by Director Jeanne Rose.  She is available to all students for questions and advice.  Jeanne Rose lectures extensively throughout the country and Canada . Aromatherapy Studies Course students are requested to attend 2 seminars (30 hours) in person for personalized instruction and to complete their Advanced Certification.  All students are invited to attend these Seminars to speak in person with Jeanne Rose. 

 These two courses are also recognized as being thorough, complete studies of the art and science of herbs and aromatherapy and will provide an integrated education on "all things herbal and aromatic".           

9. Dispute Resolution Process:
Handled personally by Jeanne Rose on an individual basis.  

10. Additional Information:
Students of these courses gain the ability to develop an herbal business or to work personally with clients.  75% of Herbal and Aromatherapy Studies students have a thriving businessí, including wholesale gardening, soap makers, herbal cosmetics, essential oils, herbal extract production, and clinical herbalists and aromatherapists.

11. Sample Study Guide in Herbal Studies and one in Aromatherapy:
Each chapter is different and therefore each study guide is different but they include questions, herbal or aromatic experiments, sensory work and odor profiles.

*Special Rate for Both Courses $1,795   

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Refund Policy: You have 10 days after receipt of course to request a refund and there will be a non-refundable $350 bookkeeping fee.
Requests for more information will be answered by mail.
Please phone 415.530.8689, or EMAIL your Name, Address & Phone to request a complete Educational packet.

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