Ginkgo biloba

Gingko in September In the SE corner, left rear of the garden, is a Ginkgo biloba tree, which makes a good drink for anti-aging.  In October when the leaves turn golden and begin to drop, I make a powerful infusion preserved in good brandy.  This I drink throughout the year for its health-giving properties.

Ginkgo in November, ready to be harvested

In the SW corner of the yard is the Still House. I keep my 25-gallon still stored here with all the necessary apparatus so that I can distill plants.

It is very beautiful. The pot is about 6 feet around and with the ‘hat’ on and gooseneck attached, I can stand underneath.

    I like to say, “the act of distillation is the art of the invisible being made visible”. The invisible, of course, is the essential oil that cannot be seen but only smelled when it is in the plant. Moreover, the visible is the essential oil that can be seen but only after distillation has rendered it available and visible.


Copper Still - 75 liter table top size

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