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Credentials & Student Testimonials

Accreditation, Licensing, Continuing Education, Memberships, and Industry Approvals.

IAHS [Institute of Aromatic & Herbal Studies] provides convenient courses taught through distance learning or on site. These courses are reviewed and critiqued to ensure we provide high quality education to our students. The following are some of our credentials:

Nationally Accredited
State Licensed

Eligible Training Provider on the Statewide Eligible Training Provider System.
Lifetime Service Credential #122319 from the California Community College System.


Credentials continued

Continuing Education Approvals
The following bodies approve credits from IAHS. approved.

* American Massage Therapy Association ("AMTA").
* Associate Bodywork and Massage Practitioners ("ABMP")
* California Board of Registered Nursing
* Texas Board of Health
* National Certificate Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork ("NCBTMB")

Industry Approvals
Approved for 15 credit hours by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork ("NCBTMB") School Identification Number 396601-00.

Provides Level One and Level Two Curriculum in Aromatherapy by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy ("NAHA").

Many aromatherapy graduates choose to sit the Aromatherapy Registration Council National Examination and become a Registered Aromatherapist.

Practitioner Liability Insurance
Herbal Diploma graduates are eligible for Associate Membership with the American Herbalists Guild (AHG).

Aromatherapy graduates can obtain Practitioner Liability Insurance from Associated Bodywork and Massage Practitioners (ABMP), Aromatic Medicine in the UK, and Holistic Aromatherapist status with NAHA.

Graduates of all programs can apply for certification from many organizations.

American Herbalist Guild
American Botanical Council
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
Herb Research Foundation
Strybing Arboretum Society
International Herb Association
California Academy of Science
National Association for Health & Aromatherapy

We believe our success is measured by our students and graduates. Please contact us for references.

Mrs. Rose, you are a phenomenal teacher, I know that we as your students have not really internalized what a great teacher you are and how much knowledge that you have given us.

As your students we are far more advanced than many practioners. I say this because I have attended many Alternative medicines seminars, and Women as Natural Healers session, you would be surprised at the fact that many "practioners" do not know half as much as what you have taught us! When I talk about you, your classes and what I have learned a large crowd forms around me, they all want to know more.

Many alternative healers only use dried herbs, and do not recognize the herbs in their natural forms. Aromatherapy is foreign to many of them. I now fully understand who you are and how you have blessed your students with your knowledge and experience. I truly thank you. -- Talibah. 3-10-07

This was one of the most informative, fun and best classes that I have taken! Our teacher was the esteemed Jeanne Rose.  Jeanne is not only a highly sought after instructor but also a master aroma therapist.  Over 15 hours during a weekend, our class learned how to describe a fragrance with a scent vocabulary associated with colors. We familiarized our noses with about 45 different essential oils from the familiar (lavender, rosemary) to the not so familiar (Owyhee, spikenard).  Our class made about 9 different blends for various purposes.  Among them were blends for energizing, relaxing, therapeutic and even for meditation.  We also created our very own perfume that would take about 2 weeks to mature.  Everyone had completely different combinations and it was interesting to smell each one of them!

I highly recommend this class to anyone as a starting off point in their fragrance journey.  The best investment you can make for yourself, if you truly want to give yourself the building blocks to better understanding of blending essential oils, is to take this one of a kind workshop. This course will give you a foundation in your aromatic journey that you can utilize in your day-to-day life as a base for your career in aromatherapy, perfumery or just for fun!…GL

"Dear Jeanne Rose,
The class  I took  in Tucson on Aromatherapy I have to say really did change  my life. As a soapmaker, I was mostly thinking  of learning how to create new blends  for the fragrance of my soaps. I am a huge fan of natural medicine but when it came to aromatherapy, I have never given  it much credit. For that  I apologize. Not only do I believe now that it works, it is my first  choice in health care. Creating a new  blend for soap has taken a much lower rung on my ladder  now. Thank you so much for  your classes and your  work."

"Jeanne Rose's Herbal and Aromatherapy courses changed my life.

They afforded not only a cornucopia of knowledge for my mind but also for my body and soul. Knowledge that changed not only the way I view the world around me but also changed the way I live my life. They are an invitation to step over the threshold, to enter and live in a most direct and personal way within the natural healing world of Mother Nature's garden; an introduction to her scents, cycles, seasons, colors and secrets.

These courses are not just the study of herbs and essential oils. They are passage to a new realm of living; a way of life empowering self-reliance and self-responsibility and less dependence on others for your overall well being. They are a step on the path of inner discovery and a means to restore and return to body, mind and spirit what has been lost in this outer world called reality."

Blending Class
"Jeanne Rose is such an amazing teacher. I took the basic Blending class and in the beginning, I thought that it might be over my head. But Jeanne Rose was an absolute wonderful teacher. I feel blessed to have had the chance to be a part of her class and to have the opportunity to tap into  her world of blending and aromatherapy. There were so many things she taught at this class that no one could ever read in a book. You have to be there to experience it. I would like to thank her for teaching me, to acknowledge anyone for a formula or a publication that I might use, and to “do everything in moderation”." -----LJ of Baltimore.

Medicinal Blending Class
"I am a Respiratory Therapist for over 20 years and am an asthmatic. Because of asthma, I had to leave my work and was on steroids, inhalers, oxygen, breathing machine. I have been hospitalized so much in the past that I did not believe that the simple formula that I made in Jeanne Rose’s Blending class would have any affect or would ease my labored breathing. I used a simple combination of Lavender (borneol), Rosemary verbenone, Peppermint, and May Chang. It worked. I could not believe how well it worked. I would never be without this blend now. I keep it in my purse at all times. Me, the trained Respiratory therapist used this simple Jeanne Rose inspired blend and swears by it. Thanks to Jeanne Rose and her fabulous class and knowledge." 
-----DW of Wisconsin

"To teach is to give a part of yourself; your knowledge, research and experience to others. Jeanne Rose is a teacher of the best sort, she gives a part of herself to every student in every class."
-----d.moore 2004

"I am and have been enjoying the aromatherapy classes that I have attended (Tucson Aromatherapy and the Absinthe class in SF); and I have been seriously anticipating one of your herbal classes. I am going to be coming to many more of your classes; probably as long as you are doing them! Please never stop. I have never regretted choosing your courses over any of the other home/on-line herbal college courses that are out there. I absolutely love you to pieces!!!! I wanted to take one of your SF class, but chose to put the money I had right now on the herbal one in Chicago!! I am so excited about going! See you there and thank you again for everything. 

------Joy, Laurie"

Blending Essential Oils for therapeutic purposes and for perfumery.
The workshop is an important step to any one interested in blending essential oils for therapeutic healing either emotional or physical; for perfumery or for making your own products. It will help give inspiration and give direction for those deciding where to go with their aromatherapy studies. The workshop is designed to combine the academic and scientific with the magically subjective aspects of aromatherapy. Overall, it will show that there is art, craft and science to blending Essential oils.

Anyone who has any interest in fragrance ought to take this class. It is loaded with a lot of very relevant and important information. ... GL

Aloha Jeanne,
I so enjoy 'visiting' you at your website. I marvel at how much energy you have in your travels and teachings!

As I begin my 30th year of formulating, I want to thank you for your Herbs and Things. It was a gift that opened my life to my passion with plants and 'all things herbal' back in 1972.

Sending you much love and blessings from paradise,

"Hi everyone. A few months ago I completed the Herbal Studies Course and I just wanted to write a note about it. The Aromatherapy & Herbal Studies Course has been wonderful and so very informative. I have learned so very much and it has only increased my desire to learn more. I appreciate Jeanne's patience with the time it took me to finish as well as the ability to talk with her whenever I had a question, or just knowing I could pick up the phone to discuss something was great. I intend to pursue working with two other herbalists in my area so I can complete the Master Herbalist portion of the course. The studies have enhanced my life and I find herbs and essential oils are so woven into the structure of my daily life that I can't imagine how "empty" it was before. Thanks Jeanne!"


 -----Vickie A, Indiana - 2005

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